Medical Waste Disposal

Dealing with medical waste has always been an issue for care providers and is especially problematic for smaller providers. To properly develop and implement an effective disposal plan, it makes sense to work closely with licensed medical waste management companies.

Staying Abreast of Regulations

At one point, medical waste was simply discarded in the trash. That practice has been outlawed for many years due to the health threats posed by the uncontrolled disposal of contaminated medical waste. Regulators now require the appropriate disposal of all classes of medical waste, including the use of puncture- and leak-proof containers for sharps.

Every organization generating waste must use the appropriate containers for different types of waste, and those containers must then be packaged and picked up by or shipped to waste management companies. That’s another expense that can be minimized when employees are properly trained to use appropriate containment for different types of medical waste.

Take Advantage of Pickup Services When Possible

Because shipping is expensive, medical waste management companies in the Houston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans areas recommend taking advantage of waste pickup services if they are readily available to reduce disposal costs.

However, even when the medical waste management company picks up the waste generated, it’s important that all waste materials are placed in the correct containers. Red bag waste must always be placed in appropriate containers for disposal to protect healthcare providers, ancillary staff members, and the public from possible contamination.


Proper Treatment of Waste Materials Protects Everyone

Medical waste management includes the proper treatment of all materials that enter the waste stream. Today, the most common method of treatment is autoclaving to render the waste harmless. In addition, recycling is now a common strategy to minimize the amount of treated waste that ends up in landfills.

Like virtually every other area of life, the protocols for dealing with medical waste are evolving. Staying on top of those ever-changing protocols is simplified when a medical waste management companies are involved in clinic training and disposal policy development.

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