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Medical Waste

Simple, uncomplicated, solutions for your medical waste,  with no hidden fees,  using HIPPA secure manifesting system.

Pharm Waste

You got enough to think about! We provide cost efficient “Cradle to Grave” compliance for your expired medicine and Pharmaceutical

OSHA Compliance

Training and certification you need.  Easy sign up with interactive programs keeping you company and employees in compliance.

National Bio-CARE is fast becoming the premier provider for full service management, removal, transportation and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our commitment to customer service, safety and regulatory compliance leaves our clients protected and confident that their waste is being disposed of in the proper manner. At your convenience, a sales representative will be happy to provide a quote on your medical waste removal and disposal needs. We look forward to the opportunity to service all your medical waste removal, transportation and disposal needs and to provide you with outstanding service.


Many people are under the assumption that biohazard waste disposal only needs to be handled at doctors’ offices and hospitals. However, there are many more institutions that need this type waste disposal than the traditional ones. These include casinos, schools and colleges, veterinarians, shelters and animal hospitals, jails, prisons and more. In addition, National Bio-CARE safely and routinely manages consumer products that need to be discarded due to shelf life expiration or damages. Depending on your disposal requirements, we may be able to provide disposal for non-hazardous items at a lower cost than incineration.

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The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused a strain on the United States healthcare sector. Moreover, it has put the economy in standstill and affected nearly every business. These types of biohazards are incredibly contagious and can cause an outbreak within your facility.

National Bio-CARE provides disinfection services targeting COVID-19 for dental, medical facilities, office complexes, retail, and restaurants. Facilities which use this service can advertise their place of work has been properly disinfected with a certificate of disinfection.

Since 1997, National Bio-CARE has provided biohazard remediation services.

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